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Advyza Desktop Alerts


Being advyzed is game-changing for everyone disrupted by a major incident.  So how does it compare from not being advyzed?


End Users

When not Advyzed

Productivity Drops

A staff member gets an error logging into ERP. They log out and log back on. Same meaningless error. They ask a co-worker “Can you get into ERP?” The co-worker tries to log on. Same error. A co-worker overhears and tries to help, and another. 15 minutes go by. They call the Service Desk. Not the first to notice the issue, they wait. And wait. And Wait. And so do all their co-workers.

The Cost: Work in the department stops, everywhere you can hear the words ERP outage, and this story is repeated across multiple departments and often multiple locations.

Service Desk

When not Advyzed

Service Levels Drop

The Service Desk area is now a hive of activity. Understaffed and overworked, operators intercept hundreds of calls from affected users. For every call they answer more are joining the queue - all to hear the same answers. A broadcast email about the outage is sent. Now confused, more people join the queue to check for updates or ask, “Does this affect me?”

The Cost: Stress and confusion increase, service levels drop, the impatience and dissatisfaction of end users rise and other key issues go unanswered.


Major Incident Manager

When not Advyzed

Poor communications delay the fix

Now aware there is an issue, the Major Incident Manager makes call after call to rally the resolvers. Time ticks on. Meanwhile, the business owner, managers, and end users keep calling for updates. Stuck managing calls and not the incident, the disruption is not managed as well as it could be.

The Cost: Time is lost in finding resolvers and fielding phone calls. Frustration increases as key people are left out of the loop due to inefficient communication.


When not Advyzed

Longer Fix Time

After a long line of calls, a stressed Major Incident Manager informs the first resolver to respond that ERP is down. The resolver tries to find the cause but cannot make headway due to a steady stream of calls from management wanting updates. Spending more time fielding calls than fixing ERP, the issue takes longer to resolve.

The Cost: Repairs are started later and time is wasted answering update requests.

IT Executive

When not Advyzed

Blind-sided by events

The first to be blamed and the last to know, the IT Executive is bailed up by the business owner and other managers looking for information. Being out of the loop,they cannot speak authoritatively causing the stakeholders to search for answers. It suddenly becomes apparent that IT isn’t in control and confidence dwindles rapidly.

The Cost: Dissatisfaction in the contribution of IT to the business grows, impacting on the IT budget and damaging the reputation of the IT Executive.

Business Owner

When not Advyzed

Costs skyrocket

Aware of the incident, but operating without detail, the Business Owner has no way of gauging the full impact of the event until after it is over. Unable to communicate with end users and the Service Desk in real-time or manage the messaging for staff and customers, communication is inconsistent at all levels resulting in further confusion and damaging perceptions. Complaints roll in due to a drop in service levels, and the cost of inactivity is revealed.

The Cost: Complaints rise, and the business reputation is affected due to inefficient and inconsistent communication.Costs skyrocket due to reduced productivity and performance.



Productivity Maintains

A staff member launches ERP. Immediately a targeted Advyza notification appears “ERP is down, Advyza will notify you when it is back online.” No disrupting co-workers. No long calls to the Service Desk. Instead, they rearrange their workload knowing they will be told as soon as it comes back online.

The Saving: Work in the department calmly continues. The timely communication from Advyza engages people and empowers them to control their day’s work. Stress, frustration, confusion and resentment are reduced, and productivity is maintained.


Service Satisfaction Increases

The Service Desk receives a call that ERP is down and sends a targeted Advyza notification to key stakeholders and all online ERP users informing them of the issue. Advyza replaces the meaningless error message and automatically notifies anyone else when they try and access ERP. Once the issue is resolved, Advyza notifies the users affected.

The Saving: 

Communication is targeted and timely with ERP users only told when they log in. Confusion is reduced, and satisfaction increased. For the first time, users feel IT is in touch with their business. Call spikes are avoided and service levels maintained.


Time spent managing the incident

Aware of the issue, the Major Incident Manager sends an Advyza notification to everyone in the resolver group and a response team quickly forms. Meanwhile, the Service Desk and management are kept up to date with progress and time-frames at the touch of a button.

The Saving: Time is saved through quick and easy communication with stakeholders. Now able to focus more time on managing the incident, ERP is fixed faster, and the disruption is handled better.


Faster Fix Time

After receiving the Advyza SMS outage notification, the resolvers get stuck into diagnosing the issue. With the Major Incident Manager sending notifications to end users and stakeholders, the phones are silent, helping the resolver to identify, report back and fix the issue faster.

The Saving: The recovery commences quickly, focus remains on the fix and stakeholders expectations are met through regular updates.


Improved Reputation

The IT Executive receives an Advyza notification that ERP is down. Immediately they act, supporting the Major Incident Manager and the Resolvers. Now Advyzed, they effectively manage the relationship with the business and make more informed decisions to minimise the impact of disruptions.

The Saving: Reputation of the IT department improves, resolvers have the authority they need to rapidly access resources and issues are fixed faster.


Costs are minimised

The Business Owner is notified that ERP is down and collaborates with the incident manager to draft the Advyze communication for affected staff. Customer facing staff now have the script they need to provide customers and other staff with a clear and consistent explanation of what is going on. With communication happening seamlessly throughout the disruption, end users simply rearrange their work, and costs are reduced.

The Saving: Protect the reputation of your business, minimise confusion and complaints, and minimise the disruption expense.