• Keep your Customers Advyzed with ADVYZA
    Get the right message to the right person at the right time
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  • When outages strike
    Targeted, Relevant and Timely Messaging
    ADVYZA is an intelligent software solution that intuitively learns

    who's who in your organisation - their location, the technology they access,

    and the local or cloud-based applications they use - to keep those affected

    by outages and disruptions 'ADVYZED’.

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Advyza Desktop Alerts
What Is Advyza

Get the right message, to the right person, at the right time

Advyza lets you communicate information about IT service interruptions with incredible precision and ease – only ever notifying those who are genuinely affected by an outage. This game-changing communication system dynamically learns what your customers use, revolutionising the way you communicate. 

Discover the next generation of enterprise communication and notification software and never send the wrong message to the wrong person again.


Advyza informs affected users of unscheduled disruptions and notifies them when services have returned.


Proactively notify your customers and staff of outages to improve customer satisfaction. Issue regular updates to reduce costly, time-consuming calls into your Service Desk.



Advyza warns affected users of scheduled outages and restricts user access during IT updates, outages and fixes.


Establish trigger points in your Change Workflow to send important notifications to affected customers. Integrate directly with your existing systems to maximise engagement with your customers.



Advyza sends health and safety alerts to targeted employees and notifies them when the event is over.


Control responses to compliance notifications, so employees take action. Ensure employees are staying compliant with company policies and regulations by tracking responses.



Advyza keeps affected employees informed as events unfold during emergencies and disasters.


Mass notification technology offering businesses, colleges, universities and other academic institutions a powerful alert solution. Immediately alert staff of dangers onsite.



Advyza Desktop


Advyza Desktop Alerts and Notifications
Advyza Desktop Alerts and Notifications
The Benefits of Advyza

Time is ticking, productivity is dropping, costs are rising, and communication is lacking. It’s the story of so many businesses during a major incident, but it doesn’t need to be yours.

Not only can Advyza communicate exclusively with those users affected by an outage and remove forever the need to manually update large distribution lists, it has multiple other benefits over email, that are designed to save you time, money and increase productivity.

Feature  Email   Advyza   Benefit
Engages the affected users of applications both on premise or in the Cloud No Yes Advyza knows who uses what, so it is able to communicate with your users when others can't.
 Reduces licence costs No Yes Advyza constantly monitors and remembers who uses which software and when, enabling IT to accurately manage licencing and reduce wastage
 Improves IT service levels No Yes Advyza keeps affected users informed of outages, allowing Support to focus on other issues rather than fielding calls related to known outages
 Improves business productivity No Yes Advyza keeps affected users informed during all phases of an outage, allowing them to adjust their work during the downtime and resume using the system once it's restored.
 Can stop an application at launch No Yes Advyza prevents users from accessing the system during maintenance windows reducing the risk of corrupting data integrity
Triggers a message only when the application is launched or is currently in use No Yes Advyza stops background noise by providing real time information only to users who are trying to access the application during an outage.
Triggers a message from a web site being launched No Yes Advyza knows who uses a cloud application even if it is outside of IT's direct control and ensures that the users of these web applications are informed about outages.
Stops users seeing meaningless error
No Yes Advyza replaces the confusing application error messages presented to a user with informative messages about exactly what is happening and when.
Dynamically targets users based on previous application usage No Yes Advyza dynamically learns who uses a service. This real-time understanding means that Advyza is always up to date, removing the need for manually updated distribution lists.
Warns of imminent downtime, notifies during downtime and alerts when service is restored No Yes  Advyza manages outages as a defined process, involving early ‘warning’ of scheduled events, 'in progress' during the outage and 'resolved' when the service is available.
 Improves customers' perception of IT No Yes Advyza increases satisfaction and acceptance of service interruptions by engaging only the affected users with relevant information that helps them stay productive.
 Adapts outage information to local time No Yes  Advyza ensures communication is displayed in the user's local time.



The Power of Advyza
Advyza's powerful communication system lets you manage customers' expectations from the onset of a planned or unplanned outage right through to the final resolution. Everyone who needs to know is kept fully informed by Advyza.


Enables users to reschedule their workload, keeping productivity high and reducing the cost of support.
Keeps them informed as the outage evolves with the option to restrict user access to the system

Informs everyone affected that the outage is over, allowing them to access the system immediately.


The Intelligent Solution
All day, every day, Advyza works in the background to learn about each user's place in the organisation including their country, office, business unit and manager. Advyza builds on these organisational relationships by learning about the applications, websites and devices they use and when they use them. 

When a system goes down, Advyza immediately knows who will be affected. This makes notifying those users – and only those users – quick and incredibly easy. In a few seconds, you can create a message, which will appear on the affected users' desktop or mobile devices and stay there until it is acknowledged.